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Patient Interviews

Doctor Nguyen gave me back my life, my confidence, my happiness, and a better relationship with my husband and two daughters. Because of Doctor Nguyen’s constant support and dedication to helping me succeed, I can now live a happy, healthy, and productive life that I have been for so long wanting to have. I believe in Doctor Nguyen and he believed in me too. If I had to do it all over I would do it exactly the same.

I would refer Doctor Nguyen to anyone, in fact I have and they have all had the same experience as me. He is truly great. I owe all my success to Doctor Nguyen and I thank him for all the work he has done for me and continues to do so. He is extremely amazing, and I am very grateful to him.” – Crystal S.

“I simply had NO quality of life. I have four boys that I couldn’t interact with to the fullest. As my 50th birthday was quickly approaching I had all but stopped living. I hadn’t ridden a bike in years, sat on the couch with painful joints and terrible self-esteem. I had stress incontinence, thyroid problems and anemia issues. The list goes on and on. A shadow of who I was in my younger years. I actually thought, as I sat there for long hours, if I have to live like this for the rest of my life is it even worth it….

Then the opportunity to meet Dr. Nguyen happened! What a blessing. From the minute he walked in the room I could see how confident he was that he could make me better. Almost like he could envision my future. I had so much faith and trust in him. I just knew it would finally be alright. I’m eternally grateful that I did. I’ve had the most beautiful transformation in a short period of time.

At 50, I now have a life I had only dreamed of a year before. My body tells me if I am done eating. This surgery is a tool that I have used to the fullest. It is not an easy way out. It still took work. But I honestly know that I would not be living this amazing new life if I didn’t step forward to embrace this life-saving surgery. And I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that I had the best surgeon anywhere. He is a miracle worker of sorts. There are no words of thank you that would be sincere enough.” – Lisa Q.

“Dr. Nguyen has changed my life completely. I feel so much better and I also feel like I’ve got control of my life again…I had high blood pressure, diabetes and cholesterol. I took at least 5 different medications for the past 30 years. NOW, after surgery I take no medications only vitamins! My pant size before surgery 50×30 to my new size 34×30. Shirt size 4x to my current large. My description of myself used to be thick or big boned, and now using the word ‘SKINNY.’ Wow I’m skinny!

This is one of the best decisions I have ever made. Prior to surgery I was very undecided if this surgery was appropriate for me. But now seeing the results and not being on all that medication is awesome. Freedom is the feeling! Blood pressure, sugar, cholesterol all normal now. Also my knee is almost pain free. Surgery has already surpassed all expectations!” – Rickie W.

“Dr. Nguyen has excellent bedside manner. He goes above and beyond and tries to get to know his patients on a personal level. He is always there to listen to your concerns. He does a great job of explaining everything to the patient. I am very thankful for him. His secretary Marisa is very nice and accommodating.” – Jessica R, San Jose

“Dr. Nguyen is  one of the most professional, efficient, and most intelligent physicians I have ever came across. He performed an emergency Appendectomy on me. Dr. Nguyen’s bedside manor is superb. I really appreciated the fact that he took his time to actually listen to me instead of sending me home with narcotics to monitor the pain- like every other doctor. Also he fully explained in great detail the surgery and what to expect. There was never too many questions asked.

Dr. Nguyen took the time to answer all my questions and concerns. After my surgery was complete Dr. Nguyen went out his way to look for my wife in the waiting room to give her the report of how well my surgery went; however, my wife had just missed him because she stepped out to the car. So when I got home Dr. Nguyen went out his way to provide above and beyond care by calling my wife to assure her that my surgery was a success. I would HIGHLY recommend Dr. Nguyen as your General Surgeon. TRUST!” – Carjehn D, San Jose 

“I had a big, huge hernia bulging and sticking out of my tummy for nearly twenty years. All the doctors who looked at it, turned it down and said they couldn’t operate on it. Then I was introduced to Dr. Nguyen, D.O. He immediately said ‘Come in Monday morning (ASAP) to get the surgery done.’ I carried that dead weight for nearly twenty years, as every doctor had turned me down until I met Dr. Nguyen, D.O. He miraculously healed me. Now I can finally bend over and tie my own shoes, sleep on my tummy and feel just all together normal again. He is my hero! I am happy to be his patient.” – Denette H.


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